2022 Holiday Treats

Selected date:

Saturday December 10

Selected time:

1:00 PM  –  3:30 PM

Instructor: Irena Stathis
Date: January 16, 10am-12pm


We will be discussing common herbs found in the kitchen that support immunity, helping us to be more resilient through the winter season! Many culinary herbs not only add flavor and spice to our food, but are truly powerful healing herbs with rich cultural histories and diverse medicinal uses.


These well-known plants often get overlooked perhaps because they seem too commonplace to be magical, but they are full of beautiful and complex chemistries, each offering their own unique gifts to heal the body from stimulating circulation and supporting metabolic pathways and detoxification to enhancing digestion, they are deep nourishers that can strengthen our vitality and even help us fight off infection.


For questions, please email the Education Department at education@arboretum.org.