2022 Autumn Plant Walk

Selected date:

Saturday November 12

Selected time:

1:00 PM  –  3:30 PM

Saturday November 12, 2022

1-3:30 p.m.


Join us on a refreshing walk through the gardens, exploring and getting to know some of the varied plants that are growing at the Arboretum. We will discuss traditional and folkloric uses of herbs from the culinary and functional to the magical and even spiritual. The fall season is a beautiful time of year to explore the gardens as the plants are winding down from the intense heat of the summer. The days are shortening and there is a kind of quiet mystique that is in the air. Human beings and plants have evolved alongside each other and our lives are very much intertwined with theirs, we literally could not exist without them. Come discover the fascinating cultural relationships of humans and plants, both historically and in current times, and be inspired to nurture your own unique relationship with them..


For questions, please email the Education Department at education@arboretum.org.